UKD can provide:

  • a flexible approach to meet customers specific requirements, ranging from short duration plant charters to complete project management, extended term partnerships and turnkey solutions
  • highly professional, experienced and motivated teams afloat and ashore
  • versatile combination of plant, resources and technology
  • an efficient structure, geared to providing dependable and cost-effective dredging solutions
  • a mobile survey department, experienced and equipped to support dredging projects and undertake external contracts
  • dedicated workboats capable of ploughing and bed levelling as well as general port maintenance, such as buoy lifting and placement, mooring inspections and fender maintenance

UKD can offer the plant, equipment and expertise to efficiently undertake a wide range of dredging and associated tasks in port and marine environments. Its personnel are accustomed to working alongside port marine management teams and adapting to specific project requirements.

UKD's combination of dredging plant has been specifically selected, designed and built to offer maximum versatility. The fleet's three trailing suction hopper dredgers range in size and all are equipped with two dredge pipes with drag heads mounted aft, to enable access to tight corners and along berth faces. Working alongside the grab dredger or plough vessel, even the most awkward areas can be addressed.