UK Dredging (UKD) was established in 1996 as a division of Associated British Ports. UKD vessels operate around the UK and near continent with operations overseen from UKD's head office in Cardiff with a satellite operational office based in Hull.

UKD is backed by the financial strength of ABP, the UK's largest and leading ports group, handling about a quarter of the country's seaborne trade. This strength has allowed UKD to maintain a programme of continued capital investment.

Vessels equipped with the latest dredge-monitoring and guidance systems allow UKD to provide efficient solutions to customers' dredging requirements.

UKD's experience has evolved from the teams responsible for the majority of the maintenance dredging at Britain's ports since the 19th century. At one time, most ports had a dedicated dredger or fleet of dredgers to carry out the work required. Over the years, rationalisation and modernisation have created a sophisticated fleet of trailer suction, grab dredgers, and plough vessels using the latest technology to dredge millions of cubic metres of material each year, while having a high regard for the fragile marine environment.

Mission, Vision & Beyond Zero

Mission: To provide the highest standard of safe, sustainable and reliable maintenance dredging and marine services to our ABP and third party ports of call.

Vision: With the safety of our people and environment at our core, we intend to invest and renew our vessels and attract, develop and retain the best marine professionals to innovate and help our clients maximise their potential.

Beyond Zero: keeping our people safe

Caring for our colleagues by keeping them safe and promoting their wellbeing is our number one goal

Making sure our colleagues go home safely every day is first and foremost in everything we do and our ongoing Beyond Zero programme has set a challenging objective: no accidents at UKD.  Beyond Zero is an ongoing journey to create a positive and proactive safety, health and well-being culture across UKD.  Beyond Zero is about every member of the UKD team going home safe and well.  Beyond Zero describes the way we do things in UKD. It provides a common understanding of what is important and helps to ensure we all make the right decisions in relation to our values in everything we do.

  • We do it safely, or we stop the job and find a safe way.
  • We respect each and every person for their unique contribution to what we do.
  • We work with integrity and take pride in teamwork, supporting each other, looking after each other and providing great service as a result.

Management Team